Stefano Lumine is an Awarded EMI MUSIC and WARNER Chappell rock Singer/Songwriter, Arranger/Producer and Voice Over who has opened for and toured Europe with B.B. KING and The Godfather of Soul JAMES BROWN. Originally from Venice, Italy, Stefano thrills audiences worldwide playing acoustic and electric guitar, piano and guitar bass.


Stefano Lumine has a license to teach in the field of music specializing in public relations with artists, publishers, television and radio broadcasters, national newspapers and magazines.


Stefano after graduating in Socio-Pedagogy and studies in Philosophy at the Ca 'Foscari University of Venice, actively became part of the world of music, thus continuing the tradition of his grandfather Raffaello who was a Master of Music at the Conservatorio S .Cecilia of Rome and who played with one of the most influential composers and conductors of the '900: Pietro Mascagni (Cavalleria rusticana).


Stefano boasts in his albums the participation of the most important famous Italian musicians. His songs have been played in the most important radio charts within the top 100 songs. Stefano in his albums and during his concerts, sings and plays rock-blues music but in his compositions for films creates songs with acoustic guitars, piano and violin (his grandfather was Grand Master of the orchestra in Rome).


After years of playing, he landed on multinational label EMI, which came with a CD single in the first sale and after a few months a full CD entitled “Noi non siamo eroi” (We are not heroes), including 12 songs written and arranged by him and co-arranged by Mario Natale.

In the first 14 days the CD sold over 3,500 copies and more than 250 radio "play" his single “Storia inutile” (Useless History), “Bellissima” (Beautiful), “Noi non siamo eroi” (We're not heroes) and “Quella sbagliata” (The Wrong One). After he began his first national radio tour.
The CD had the full cooperation of some of the best national musicians such as Claudio Gallo Golinelli (bassist of Vasco Rossi), Giorgio Cocilovo (Renato Zero and Ramazzotti guitarist etc ...) and artistic production of Mario Natale (arranger and author of the song that won the youth section of Sanremo on 2005).

In the beginning of his career, Stefano participated in the finals of "Sanremo Rock" (broadcast on channel RAI 1) and ranked among the top three participants on more than 2,000 members. He received the Sanremo International Award "Myrta Gabardi" conferred by several national publications as the best emerging singer-songwriter with Jenny B. and Gigi D'Alessio. A lot of articles have been released for example on "Il Giornale", "L’avvenire", "Il Secolo XIX", etc..

In May 2000 Stefano played a concert in The Swiss Embassy in Italy, in Milan (the first Italian artist that are allowed to play rock music in a space so restricted). He was awarded by Negrita, Nomadi (historical Italian groups) and Gatto Panceri for distinction "A life for music, a music for life" as a rock composer and vocalist.

On 2003 was originated a new important project: we're talking about a CD single titled “Fai la furba” (As a Crafty Girl) (Delta Records) presented for the first time live in August one year before (2002), by Stefano, opening the Biagio Antonacci concert, at Lignano stadium (Udine) with great success (Biagio Antonacci was the winner of the “World Music Awards” as Best-Selling Italian Male Artist in 2005 at Kodak-Theatre of Hollywood (LA)).

On May 2004 Stefano Lumine and his rock band had a successful premiere of the new full live cd at the prestigious Hard Rock Cafè in Rome. Subsequently the singer participated in many Rock festivals, one in a theatre in Ferrara where he played with Paul di Anno (Iron Maiden).


On 2006 for Stefano was time for an artistic and personal change.


On July 2006 the Venetian singer opened 4 Italian concerts, in historical important places (Venezia, Mantova, Forlì and Trieste) of the two most important music legends such as B.B. King and James Brown performing in front of thousands of people every night, receiving wide acclaim from critics and audiences as well as the staff compliment of the two American artists.

After the last concert B.B. King gave to Stefano a plaque in remembrance for the 2 concerts that Stefano opened for him (B.B. King world tour 2006-Management).

This date was very important because was the last B.B. King’s tour concert in Europe that year.

In the same days of these concerts, was released on the theatres the Italian movie “Vita Smeralda” distributed by Medusa Film (placing second in the standings at the box office income) where Stefano arranged and produced the song "Vita Smeralda" and other 3 songs for the music soundtrack: "Io e te" (You and I), "Talk about" and "Wonder why" (American rock style) . At the same time he wrote a song against hypocrisy called "Stupida canzone"(Stupid song) (Self Distribution), including the video.

On 2007 Stefano was a guest on RAI 2 (the most important Italian television channel) at the show “Se rinasco canto” organized by AFI (Italian Association of Phonographic Producers) presented by Elenoire Casalegno replicated in the world on RAI International and SKY.

On May 2007 Stefano Lumine lent his artistic experience in the publishing of the book “É roba nostra…profumo di stelle” (It is our stuff…the scent of stars), written by Dr. Terzio Luppari. The book presentation took place in the incredible scenery of the Venice Casinò, which overlooks the Grand Canal, in the presence of the Mayor of Venice Massimo Cacciari and the President of the Venice Casinò Mauro Pizzigati.

Stefano was one of the artists invited to perform for benefit at “La notte del pirata” (Night of the Pirate), a tribute concert to the famous racing cyclist Marco Pantani, on June 2007.

The event was presented by Paolo Cevoli at the Moretti stadium in Cesenatico where performed the most important Italian music artists as Gli stadio, Francesco Baccini and Riccardo Maffoni in front of 6,000 people.


On October 2007 Stefano moved to New York City, to meet important musicians and to have new experiences in the Big Apple. The month after Stefano met again B.B. King, at the end of his show on the backstage of B.B. King’s club located in Times Square, where they talked about the 2 Italian concerts.

Through that meeting, Stefano met some PR that invite him to perform with an acoustic guitar his song "Brother" at the important benefits event for the children called "The Eleventh Annual Black Nutcracker" organized by Uptown Dance Academy, at Hostos Center for Arts & Culture in Bronx, New York City.

On September 2008 Stefano started to write a drama subject/screenplay located in New York that speaks about the life of a young poet and his resurrection.


On 2009 for Stefano was another time for an artistic and personal change.


Stefano came back in New York City for the Columbus day invited by a really important Venetian assessor. The day before the Columbus day Stefano went to a party for the important Venetian in the world, at the Penn station in NYC.

On December he worked (as Voice Over) with the important Hard Rock Café company: he composed the music and recorded his voice for the New Year’s radio spot.


In 2011 Lumine came back in New York ended to write his first screenplay about the youth malaise and desire for redemption of a generation. He met Bryan Adams (in Backstage at the historic Beacon Theatre NY) and members of the band 30 Seconds to Mars in Wallingford (in Connecticut).

Stefano is producing his first album sung entirely in English, which is scheduled to be released in 2020 together with the realization of a short film he directed between Venice and NYC.


Stefano has an incredible ability in the recording studio, as a composer, producer and arranger, he writes, sings and plays by himself every song he creates. He is a 360 degree artist who never stops dreaming and growing.

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